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How do you get pumped up?

Do you listen to techo music and dance around?

Perhaps you watch five minutes of your favorite movie, imagining you are a superhero about to conquer the world.

Or you pick up a favorite book and put yourselves in the shoes of a famous leader.

Let’s make it easier. These guys want to tell you what to do, and they will seriously change your life.

Here are five awesome, inspiring motivational podcasts to get you thinking POSITIVE.

1. Chalene Johnson

Chalene is ready to be your around-the-clock virtual life coach. Did you know that when Chalene was attending law school, she exercised before and after classes? That’s some serious fitness! She will get you healthy, get you motivated, and change how you think about friends and family. With over 100 million DVDs sold, Chalene Johnson is the #1 female in direct marketing and supplements her entire income through passive social streams. But she’s no lazy gal. Check her our today!

2. School of Greatness

Lewis Howes has seen it all. From nearly achieving professional football fame, to hitting rock-bottom after an injury left him hopeless and broke. Howes found an outlet for marketing and helping others through podcast streaming. He is dedicated to helping find success. Howes co-wrote the networking book, LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website in 2009. For some seriously all-American motivation, listen in to Lewis’ tips!

3. Cultivate Greatness

Anyone can work on their values. Host Travis leads awesome discussions with some inspiring figures; humanitarians, educators, leaders, all with a jovial yet enlightening tone. In the latest episode, he spoke with Julie Smith, author of Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged-in World.

4.  The Minimalists

Get rid of your clothes. Get rid of your heirlooms. Get rid of your big, comfortable house. This is the mantra of the Minimalists, two friends who decided to sacrifice lives of luxury in pursuit of a simple existence. Minimalists focus on creating room for less material objects and clutter in exchange for more of the things they love, more experience, more passion, and ultimately, more freedom. Tune in to see how Joshua and Ryan have made it work.