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It’s March Madness – that means it’s time to get fired up! What gets you fired up? Is it the drive to do better, or does failure make you want to work harder?


One thing is certain though, don’t get upset for the wrong reasons! Failures exist to help you to keep progressing, not defeat you. Your rhetoric determines how you will approach failure.  So, build yourself up before thinking about breaking yourself down. That goes for others as well because you communicate to others who you are without letting negativity get the better of you. Remember, by being secure of yourself, you will never feel the need to break yourself or others down.

When I ask if are you fired up, do you really understand what I mean? Firing yourself up doesn’t mean getting upset at yourself or others. Firing yourself up doesn’t mean blaming others or to find comfort for your own failures. Firing yourself up means getting up and preparing for round two in the ring. If you see that you are not progressing in the way that you’d like, know that you need to work on yourself.



Change your approach.

Once you look yourself in the mirror and start fresh, you are ready to rebuild yourself and push back at your obstacles.

In order to do this, it’s imperative that you not let other people’s words affect your state of mind. Don’t let these distractions destroy you and your goals. Shake off words people throw at you, and make it a point to do and become better. In the age of the internet everyone has become so much more vocal. Make sure that the voices you hear are there to build you up, not break you down. When you feel the world is against you, its easy to replicate those sentiments onto others. Be secure about yourself, and let those who are insecure squabble amongst themselves.

Now, the internet can be a blessing, but it can also be a destructive force. We already discussed draining out its negativity from your life, but how can you use it to improve yourself. Use the internet and social media to build yourself and others up. Social media provides an important microphone for you to spread your message. Build yourself up, build your brand, and build those around you up in the same way. Builders are patient, builders have a vision, builders are successful.

Finally, focus on what you already have, not on what you don’t have. Opportunity arise but they are not what determine success. How you work with those opportunities, or with what you already have determines success. Always remember that YOU are more powerful than you understand yourself to be. Leave YOUR footprint on the world.

Take inventory of yourself and get fired up for success!

If you found this post helpful and would like to continue to get motivated, check out my twitter @SabrinaLloydSGA for more. Thanks for reading!