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Sometimes life presents itself with a variety of challenges. Staying motivated to achieve your hopes and dreams is crucial in actually achieving them. Inside of everyone is the potential for greatness when we remove our self-imposed success limitations and open up all self starting greatness. A great factor to have is a soundtrack to motivate you,  and can send you on your way to achieving your goals.

The keys to resetting a motivational mindset, begins with something as simple as finding something better. Find that one favorite thing (or song in this case) and turn it up! Don’t spend time searching for something and just settling on something that seems to be good. Listen to what IS good.

As simple as singing a favorite song can be something that can take you there. Don’t declare that “I can’t sing”, keep on singing! Make it your own no matter how off key it may sound. If it mentally puts you in the right spot it’s doing it’s job. Take Bob Dylan for example, as iconic as he is, his singing is far from perfect, it helped make his songs, HIS songs.

Now that you got your song to sing, why not dance to it? Motion might be the most motivating thing there is. Take a sporting event for example, the game is getting tense, and the score is close, what does everyone do once the action breaks? They stand up and dance! They cheer, they sing, they don’t just sit there and sulk. The fans are charged up and the players (for the home team at least) are all fired up. Even you can motivate the team while in the crowd!

Finding the proper motivation is a journey. While, it won’t solve all of your problems it can help promote self-discovery, seek out truer meaning, deeper truth, and insightful enlightenment. A thing to remember is this: You are not alone, when you listen to a song that motivates you, you are there with the composer every sept of the way. You are in the company of those who were determined doers who held onto their dreams. Even with times get tough you have to keep the faith, realize that a victory is right around the corner!

Music is a wonderful thing, and a crucial motivation tool. Keep the faith and remember, if your energy level is running low, that special song or playlist will always be there to motivate, encourage, and inspire you. Afterall, you are the superstar who’s about to sink that three-pointer with 0:00 on the clock!