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Newsflash: If you don’t change, you will be replaced.

The clock is ticking, and what are you doing about it?  As we approach the end of the year, take some time to seriously reflect about yourself.  Take your lists of all the people and all the reasons why you aren’t where you want to be.  Replace those lists with ONE reason – YOU.

You have a major question to ask yourself today. How would the world be different if you didn’t exist?  Are you working to make a difference or are you just getting by? You have to thrive.

If you are not changing, growing, adapting, with the world, you will fail.  You will fail to stay relevant in our quickly changing world. Say goodbye to “If I had more I would. When I get more I will!”  If it was about resources, billion dollar companies that have thrived and failed would still exist.

You have to think of yourself as a small business or a startup with an entrepreneurial spirit that has to adapt to change. What are you doing with your access to information and opportunities?

There are rules that we need to be successful in business and we can think of our personal lives as a business. Think about marketing.  Do you market yourself?

It’s not about you – it’s about everything around you.

Everything you do – eat, sleep, walk, breathe – needs to indicate what you tolerate.

What and who is around you defines your standards of business. Majority does rule. Don’t become just average.  Sometimes, it’s better to be alone until you get your skills to a better, higher, place.  Who do you need to jettison?  Who do you need to FIRE in the business of your personal life? Don’t become the lowest common denominator in your group.

Be the authority.  Be with people who are excited, relevant, and also looking to get better and blessed. If you are so blessed to be surrounded by people who are always seeking to get better, seek to take care of these people so they don’t stop inspiring you.

You will get rolled over by someone more relevant and marketable than you if you can’t change with the times.

Soldier Up Sunday November 2015